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Community Solar Benefits All


Builds a clean energy future

Creates new local jobs & tax revenue

Reduces our carbon footprint



Plan options

Community Solar farms make it possible for more residents in Central New York to generate their clean energy locally and responsibly without having to install solar panels on their property.

Every trySolar plan is powered by clean, local solar arrays. You choose how and what to save. Each sign up brings us closer to a clean energy future. Sign up now to add jobs and bring new tax revenue to New York!


The Power Charger

Maximize community and environmental impact

Take charge of leading the new power generation with an even greater contribution. Choose to pay a 3% premium on solar costs and truSolar will provide you with certified renewable energy credits (RECs) that boost and personalize your clean energy impact. This plan also enables you to help provide energy for those in need, bolster the local economy and generate green energy locally (all the Good Neighbor benefits).



The Good Neighbor

Help community members in need at no cost to you

Support great causes at no extra cost. You’ll continue to receive the same reliable service and pay par value for community distributed generation credits, which means no impact to your annual utility expenses. Your monthly payments will be combined with other Good Neighbor subscribers to provide free or discounted energy to a local family or veteran in need. And, just like all of our plans, your choice collectively drives clean energy efforts and local economic well-being.



The Mindful Saver

Utility bill savings from clean, local solar farms

This gives you and your neighbors an advantage—guaranteed annual savings on energy costs, support for the generation of local renewable energy, support for community business growth, and reduced reliance on non-NY and foreign resources. At the end of the year, subscribers with active contracts in good standing receive 2% cash back.